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Hi! I’m Girija Bhargava Patel, your legal expert BFF. 

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I started my legal career in 2006 and soon after, I realized that while I loved litigating in court, I had other passions I wanted to explore. I tapped into my creative side and started a thriving social media platform called CityTattler. It was there that I was introduced to an inspiring group of creative entrepreneurs just like you.  

I quickly fell in love with this new creative community and made several amazing friends. But eventually, I noticed something strange. Any time I mentioned my background in business law, I’d see eyes glaze over and walls immediately go up. 

I realized that, to me, business law is just a fact of life. But to my creative entrepreneur friends, it can be scary and overwhelming.

I knew I had to change that.

As entrepreneurs, we want to leave a legacy behind for our children and community. To achieve the handprint we envision, our business needs to thrive during all seasons of growth and growing pains. The solution? Establishing a solid legal foundation from the very beginning.

Today, it’s my joy to make business law as easy and as stress-free as possible so that you can go out and help the world in the ways you’re passionate about.

Whether you’re launching a startup, need help with copyrights and trademarks, or are stumped when it comes to creating contracts, I’d love to help.

Ready to get to work?