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Your business,
your legal support.

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Business Formation

Everything you need to know about legally forming a new business.

DBA, business license, partnership agreements, Tax ID, EID and more.

Business Transactions

Through every stage of your business cycle, GBP Law can help with leveraging your position the right way.

Client negotiations, sales contracts, distribution agreements, franchise agreements, joint venture agreements, bank finance and loan agreements, and more.


Solid Contracts are the foundation of a strong business transaction and relationship. Make sure you’re legally protected when working with others.

Client contracts, employment agreements, independent contractor agreements, collaborations and partnership agreements, non-compete and non-disclosure agreements, and more.


Give your biggest dream a solid legal foundation from entity formation to exit.

Kickstarter advice, partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, software and technology licenses, management agreements and more.


Intellectual Property

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Have you written a book, created online courses, have an online photo gallery, webinars or hosts workshops? Do you know what belongs to you and what belongs to your client? Get clarity now and define ownership.

How to copyright your work, what you can share in your portfolio, consent from clients, and more.


You’ve put your heart, soul, and tears into your company and now it’s time to protect your baby. Your company name, your logo, your slogan, your methods--it’s all your identity. Let’s give it the legal protection it deserves to make it legally yours.

Trademark advice and strategy, trademark search, trademark registration, and more.